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Eater at Home


The Ultimate Guide to Barbecue Sauces

An Eggplant ‘Meatballs’ Recipe, Streamlined for Easy Cooking

Which Caesar Salad Recipe Is Worth Hailing?

In My Family, Marmite Is a Unifying Force

Do I Have to Invite My Best Friend’s Awful Partner to Dinner?

The Best Lasagna Recipes, According to Eater Staff

The Best Potato Salad Recipes, According to Eater Staff

A Silky Asparagus and White Bean Salad Recipe That Gets Even Better With Time

What’s the Best Quick Lasagna Hack, According to the ‘Garfield’ Cookbook?

We tested three recipes from Garfield... Recipes with Cattitude! to find out

A Nostalgic Wedge Salad Recipe from the Kismet Cookbook

What Does It Take to Actually Cook Like a Tradwife?

Get in, losers, we’re going to make some mozzarella

‘Bethlehem’ Tells the Story of a People

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The 6 Best Canned Wines

From a sparkling rosé to a surprising spritzer, the best canned wines for picnic days ahead

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The 17 Best Cookbooks of Spring 2024

New books from Von Diaz, Edward Lee, Benjamina Ebuehi, and more will add sparkle to your cooking repertoire

Your Kitchen Needs a First Aid Kit

A New Cookbook Brings the Beloved Recipes of ‘Stardew Valley’ to Life

The Best Sriracha Substitutes to Survive the Huy Fong Shortage

The Ultimate Guide to Tequila

Are you a silver, reposado, or an añejo kind of drinker? These 20 recommended bottles can help you decide.

Is Making Your Own Seafood Stock Worth It?

How to Keep Your Microplane Sharp